The STEM Initiative

The STEM Initiative, spearheaded by A+ STEM Labs, is intended to create a cost effective sustainable STEM Program for NYC Educators and Students.  We ask you to enlist the help of your local elected officials, through Reso A funding, to provide a consistent set of tools, the A+ STEM Labs, as the core of the program.  A+ STEM Labs will work with the stakeholders in your educational and business communities to provide relevant curriculum tools, and an educational environment designed to support the teachers before, during and after the initial solution purchase.  

A+ STEM Labs provides cost effective, turn-key teaching platforms designed to make technology use in the classroom as easy as it can be, making students more productive and teachers more efficient. The ultimate goal of the STEM Initiative is to produce a highly competent, STEM based professional workforce, which is currently lacking, not only in New York, but in our Country as a whole. We seek to transform the way Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math education is delivered in the 5 boroughs, by providing all your science teachers access to the latest STEM teaching tools and a program to support the.

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