100.12 Instructional Computer Technology Plans

Disclaimer: Current through March 31, 2015
a. To be eligible for aid for instructional computer hardware and technology equipment expenses pursuant to Education Law, section 753, school district shall develop and maintain a plan, in a format prescribed by the commissioner, for the use of the instructional computer technology equipment.b. Each plan shall include:
1.) a description of the number and type of instructional computer technologies to be used and how they will be applied to the overall K-12 instructional program;
2.) provision for the maintenance and repair of equipment, consistent with the five-year capital assets preservation plan as provided for in Education Law, section 3602(6) and section 155.1(a)(4) of this Title;
3.) provision for staff development to demonstrate how classroom teachers will use instructional computer technology across the K-12 curriculum; and
4.) an assurance of the superintendent of schools, in a form prescribed by the commissioner, that the school district has provided for the loan of instructional computer hardware to students legally attending nonpublic schools pursuant to Education Law, section 754.
c. Plans may provide for the school district’s participation in any Federal-and State-funded instructional technology initiatives, including but not limited to the universal service discount program pursuant to the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 and the Federal Technology Literacy Challenge Program.