Nov. 2015 Newsletter

Learn How To Code: It's Essential For Your Future

When the Morse Code was introduced in 1844 the world was forever changed. Today, the question of when and how to teach students a contemporary version of “code” is hotly debated. The topic was addressed at the recent ISTE convention, and is a pressing issue facing schools across the country.

I Find Your Lack Of Coding Skills Disturbing

As part of the pre-worldwide release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens has aligned with Disney for a 1-hour code session.


We've Changed Our Name!

A+ Mobile Solutions announced today that, effective immediately, it will operate by the name “A+ STEM Labs.” The Company’s family of portable, cart-based solutions transform classrooms into high-tech learning laboratories for STEM learning.

What Most U.S. Schools Do Not Teach

Let us know what was your favorite experiment while using the A+ STEM Lab!