July 2015 Newsletter

Turn Your Students Into Scientists!

The ISTE Conference In Philadelphia…

…offered the latest trends in how school districts across the country are bringing technology into the classroom. Perhaps the most interesting revelation was that 90 percent of teachers have not fully embraced the integration of technology to help them teach.

Do You Believe This Is An Accurate Number For Your School District?

Technology offers teachers the opportunity to raise the bar on Active Learning, which has been proven to help students learn. Active Learning is an instructional approach that engages students in manipulating knowledge (facts, concepts, principles) in real time in front of peers and instructors. When students are actively involved in the learning task, they learn more than when they are passive recipients of instruction. This is why educators love A+ Mobile STEM Labs.

See 2nd Graders at St. Patrick’s School, in Huntington NY, explore the “invisible world” around them with digital microscopes and an A+ STEM Lab for Science.

I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.

- Asian Proverb

With tools that actively engage the student and help them to learn STEM, teachers have a better chance that their efforts will be long remembered. Personal Response Systems or ― Clickers, provide an exciting way to actively engage students enrolled in even the largest of classes. Research studies show that the use of clickers’ results in increases in student learning. We invite you to become an ambassador for Active Learning in your school. Consider how the right technology can help you give your students a lesson or two they will long remember.

Click “Read More” to view a case study featuring these turn-key classroom solution technologies in action at a grade school in the Bronx.   

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