Jan / Feb 2015 Newsletter

A+ STEM Labs Introduces David Dickman,
Instructional Technology Specialist

David joins A+ STEM Labs with a well-rounded professional background in EdTech. He looks forward to working closely with teachers and administrators, helping them to get the most from their A+ STEM Labs.

1. Can you tell us about your Ed Tech background?

Before coming to A+ STEM Labs I worked as a professional development specialist for over 5 years. I helped teachers understand how to use all types of technology in the classroom, including Smart Boards, iPads, and Google Apps for Education. Before that I worked at a School for the Deaf as a High School Math Teacher and a Teacher Assistant.

2. Why are you with A+ STEM Labs?

I’m here to head the Professional Development Program, with the goal of shortening the learning curve for teachers who want to use the A+ STEM Lab in their classroom. Most days, I’ll be in schools, showing teachers how the Lab can simultaneously enhance the learning experience of students and support their needs as teachers. As a former teacher myself, I understand the challenges they face, and I’ll be there to show how the technology in the lab can ultimately improve student comprehension and retention.

3. Tell me about the experiments that the A+ STEM Lab supports.
There’s a wide range of experiments that can be conducted using the labs, which vary by grade level. I will be showing teachers how tools from the lab allow students to collect and analyze actual data from these experiments. By doing so, students learn the scientific process and they become much more engaged and interested in the concepts being taught.

4. The labs are also packed with teaching technology. What’s your favorite?

There’s so much great stuff on there, it’s hard to pick one favorite. For a classroom management perspective, the ability to see what every student is doing on their laptop is huge. It makes it so much easier to keep everyone on task. I also love the Student Response System, which allows students to respond to questions using hand-held “clickers.” When teachers can check if every student is understanding what’s being taught in the moment, it lets them modify their lessons based on their students’ comprehension, rather than just doing an assessment at the end of the lesson.

5. How can teachers reach out to you for help to schedule a call or an in-school visit?

I can be reached by phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you!

Phone: 631.675.2296
Email:  ddickman@aplusstemlabs.com

The Showcase Schools program is designed to recognize, celebrate, and share promising practices across New York City Department of Education schools. Showcase Schools promote collaboration by hosting three visits throughout the school year.

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