Posted on 9-24-2015 03:15:00 PM
A+ Mobile Solutions is Now A+ STEM Labs

Sept. 25, 2015 | Bay Shore, NY:
A+ Mobile Solutions announced today that, effective immediately, it will operate by the name “A+ STEM Labs.” The Company’s family of portable, cart-based solutions transform classrooms into high-tech learning laboratories for STEM learning.

These custom-fitted carts, on wheels, include grade-appropriate technologies and equipment designed to teach a full spectrum of science, technology, engineering and math concepts to grades K-12. The Company’s new name places emphasis on its products’ ability to create high-tech learning environments that turn students into scientists, prepared for the 21st century job market.

The original name, A+ Mobile Solutions, has not stood the test of time, as the term “mobile” now refers to cell phones, mobiles devices and apps. “Back when we started the Company, the name was meant to imply that our STEM Labs were ‘on wheels.’ So now, our name clearly reflects our commitment to STEM education and to provide turn-key technologies that make STEM teaching and learning achievable for any school district,” explained Bill Waibel, President of A+ STEM Labs. “The A+ STEM Labs will remain on wheels, since many schools do move the labs from room to room,” said Margie Gurwin, Director of Marketing. “As schools become more focused on STEM education, the A+ STEM Labs have helped fill the need to introduce elementary through high school students to STEM education.”

There are over 500 A+ STEM Labs in use by New York City Public Schools that enable students to engage with a range of Project Based Learning experiments. To view videos of second graders and fourth graders at St. Patrick’s of Huntington, NY, using a Mobile STEM Lab for Science, visit

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