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Mobile STEM Lab for Math

Robots... Drones... Mathematic Excitement, oh my!  The Mobile STEM Lab for Math brings dynamic activities and  experiments using RobotsLAB, the latest in robotics and drone technology, to teach practical applications of basic math to middle school and high school students.  It also combines a suite of audio/video presentation equipment, interactive student response and assessment tools, and a mobile presentation tablet, allowing teachers to interact with students from anywhere in the classroom.  The Mobile STEM Lab for Math provides classrooms with an innovative and dynamic approach to teaching traditional math concepts, using totally non-traditional, state-of-the-art technology and presentation tools.

Platform Features

The Mobile STEM Lab for Math brings teaching to life in a truly mobile setting using the following 
  • Windows or Mac Operating System:
    - LCD Monitor
    - Microsoft Office Suite
  • Amplified Speaker System
  • Document Camera/Digital Presenter
  • Wireless Mobile Tablet
  • Student Response/Assessment Using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Student Response Clickers
  • Connectivity to Interactive Whiteboards and Projectors

  • Options:
     - Digital Projector
     - Printer
     - Integration of Existing Hardware, Applications       and Tools
     - Configuration for Control of Existing Laptop         Carts


  • The Mobile STEM Lab for Math is a self-contained teaching platform, using robotics and drone technology to teach mathematics in a dynamic, hands-on fashion.  With interactive presentation features, this solution helps to facilitate the individual needs of schools by:
     - Giving teachers a mobile way of sharing         their lessons on an interactive                           whiteboard or through a projector
     - Better engaging students with a dynamic,       interactive presentation platform
     - Making procurement easy through NYS           OGS and PEPPM contract 
     - Providing ongoing support for technology       deployment, teacher training and product        maintenance

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