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Mobile Interactive Podium



The Mobile Interactive Podium is a unique, technology-driven  product bringing together the classic presentation elements of a podium, with interactive control capabilities, that make it incredibly easy to display a wide range of multi-media content. The Mobile Interactive Podium is perfect for classrooms, auditoriums, school assemblies, meeting rooms and lecture halls, allowing for fluid interaction between new and existing presentation technologies, bringing teaching and presenting to a whole new level.

Platform Features:

  •  Windows or Mac Operating System
  •  User-friendly Control Panel
  •  Touch-screen, Adjustable LCD Monitor
  •  Personal Computer
  •  DVD/VCR
  •  Microphone and Built-i n Amplifier
  •  Document Camera
  •  Integration Between New and Existing:
      - Projectors
      - Interactive Whiteboards
      - Speaker Systems


  •  The Mobile Interactive Podium is the perfect blend between classic functionality and leading-edge technology integration, housed within a typical podium form factor. It enhances the learning environment by making presentations more dynamic and engaging, allowing for easy streaming of videos or audio, and enabling interaction with other presentation formats such as projectors, digital presenters and interactive whiteboards.

  • This solution helps to facilitate the individual needs of schools by:
      - Giving presenters an all-in-one platform            using the latest integrated tech nology
      - Better engaging audiences with a                      dynamic, interactive presentation platform
      - Making procurement easy through NYS            OGS and PEPPM contracts
      - Providing ongoing support for tech nology     deployment, teacher training and product        maintenance


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