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The Intelligent Laptop Cart is a complete teacher's command center that enables teachers and students to make the most productive and efficient use of personal laptops or tablets in the classroom.  In addition to providing each student with the power of a personal PC, it gives the teacher a set of easy-to-use tools to effectively monitor and manage all student computer usage, as well as push content to individual and/or the entire classroom's laptops.  The Intelligent Laptop Cart also integrates with a range of presentation equipment and student response systems, as well as our robot technology kit, promoting a dynamic learning experience for the students. 

Platform Features

  • Windows or Mac Operating System: 
    - LCD Monitor
    - Microsoft Office Suite
  • Up to 30 Student Computing Devices:
    - Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets, or Convertible​
  • Printer, Scanner, Copier 
  • Bose Sound System 
  • Automated File Distribution and Data Storage with Student Laptops 
  • Document Camera/Digital Presenter 
  • Wireless Mobile Tablet 
  • Student Response Clickers 
  • Connectivity to Interactive Whiteboards and Projector 
  •  Classroom Management Tools:
    - Monitor & Control
    - Screen Blanking
    - Teacher Screen Broadcasting
    - Video & Audio Streaming
    - Student Demonstration
    - File Transfer & Distribution
    - Manage Tests & Quizzes
    - Group Collaboration 

  • The Intelligent Laptop Cart also provides a perfect platform for any computer-based educational program, such as:
    - CBT/Online Testing - STEM/STEAM Applications
    - Computer Control and Programming
    - Robotics
    - Maker Education/3D Printing
    - CAD/CAM • Reading Intervention
    - Web/Game Design
    - Security Applications
    - And much more...


  •  By bringing together key classroom management functionality and easy-to-use integrated presentation tools, the Intelligent Laptop Cart helps to facilitate the individual needs of schools by:
      - Helping teachers maintain control over              mobile computing devices
      - Fostering a collaborative learning                      experience between students using                  technology
      - Better engaging students with a dynamic,        interactive teaching platform
      - Making procurement easy through NYS            OGS and PEPPM contracts
      - Providing ongoing support for technology        deployment, teacher training and product        maintenance

Robot Technology Kit

The NAO Robot and its development software, now available as an optional add-on to our Intelligent Laptop Cart, literally brings the power of programming to life! The NAO robot comes equipped with pressure, tactile and sonar sensors, cameras and microphones to perceive his surroundings, but only through the development of applications can he become animated -- exhibiting behaviors in response to the data he acquires. He can be programmed to visually track objects, respond to touch, learn and recognize images, faces and voices and process speech in 19 different languages! 

A+ Mobile Solutions provides you with everything you need to make coding a part of your classroom lessons. Our Robot Technology Kit includes two NAO robots and 15 software licenses, allowing your entire class to share in the coding fun. Teach your robot to catch objects, dance, tell jokes, do math problems, respond to verbal commands ... his capabilities are limited only by your students' imagination.

  • Choregraphe programming software, which includes an intuitive graphical interface, makes it easy for beginners and experts to create sequences of predefined behaviors or for students to code their own behaviors
  • Programmable platform is compatible with many languages, including Java, JavaScript, C++, Python, MATLAB, Urbi and .Net
  • Robot's embedded software gives him humanoid movement and the ability to understand and interpret data received by his sensors
  • Connects via Wi-Fi using standard network protocols
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 1.5 hours of autonomy
  • A modules library allows for the sharing and downloading of applications



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