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Specialty Kits

Our special activity kits integrate seamlessly with A+ STEM Labs. Use them as a foundation for special classes, extra-curricular clubs and programs, and even summer science camps. All related software comes pre-loaded on your Lab's student laptops.

NAO Robot

The fully programmable NAO humanoid robot sparks imagination and engagement with students like few other tools. Through trial and error, and team work, students learn simple to complex coding that brings the robot “to life.” Beginners learn using NOA’s own software suite, called Choreographe, which offers an intuitive “drag and drop” interface, while advanced students can use C++ and Python to program the robot. Make him talk, walk, respond to commands, ask and answer questions, and even dance.



3D Printing

The popular Maker Movement represents the intersection of creativity and technology, where STEM (and STEAM) disciplines enable the physical creation of tangible objects. A+ STEM Lab’s 3D design and printing solution teaches students how to design, plan and build a product from raw idea to finished item, encouraging them to see the direct connection between abstract designs and concrete end products. For students interested in industrial technology to engineering, art to architecture, exposure to 3D printing helps develop the very same skills these students will need in future careers.

Our 3D printing solution comes with 3D printer, colorful printing filament and design software, preloaded on all STEM Lab laptops.





K’Nex kits integrate mechanics, physics, and simple programming into fun and challenging activities that immerse students in hands-on learning. Students work together to create moving, motor-assisted K’Nex creations, then apply programming logic to control the structures’ operation through a software interface. Few activities provide such a broad exposure to STEM related disciplines while generating as much enthusiasm from students.