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Your Curriculum, Made Better!

As standards and core curriculum differ by state and sometimes even by district, A+ STEM Labs embraces a flexible approach that provides a range of experiments and activities that map to the programs you already have in place. There is no “one way” or “right way” to use our labs. Our solutions are designed to support and enhance your curriculum of choice, letting you focus on the subjects and core competencies most relevant to your classroom.

Each STEM Lab is configured for K-5, middle school or high school, with subject specificity for high school labs. We’ll work with you on specific configurations to meet your needs. Some of the subject areas we support are:

•  Elementary Science Experiments
•   5 Minute Activities
•   Science at Work
•   Science of Sport
•   Alternative Energy 
•   Level 2 & 3 Biology

•   Level 2 & 3 Chemistry
•   Level 2 Physics
•   Level 3 Physics Electricity and Heat 
•   Level 3 Physics Light, Sound and Pressure
•   Level 3 Physics  Forces and Motion


7th Graders take a Living Environment assessment test with help from an interactive student response system, part of their classroom's A+ STEM Lab for Science.


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Economic and sociologic changes have dramatically impacted the work place, creating a demand for more qualified workers. The U.S. educational system is not producing enough engineers and scientists to meet the challenges..

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