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About Us

A+ Mobile Solutions is a pioneer in developing portable, turn-key, integrated technology solutions that allow teachers to present STEM-related lessons (science, technology, engineering & math) in ways that excite and engage students. Beginning with the 2002 launch of our first product, the Mobile Science Lab, we have pursued the vision of converting empty classrooms in to fully functioning multimedia learning environments through the technology tools housed within our bright yellow carts.  Today, there are more than 400 mobile labs deployed within in the New York City school system, and we offer a range of labs, carts and podiums tailored for best teaching math and science, as well as dedicated solutions for multimedia presentation and classroom laptop management.

At A+ Mobile Solutions, we hope to help Pre-K through High School teachers and students better present, teach and learn complex STEM oriented curricula by making lessons “come to life.” Hands-on experimentation, use of scientific tools, presentation of multimedia content, and dynamic student assessment are all made possible through the use of our products. 

Our reputation is built on the reliability of our solutions, their ease-of-use, and the high level of support we provide, both for training and product maintenance. We even help schools investigate funding options.

To find out more about our services, please contact our School Support Group at 631-969-2605 or email us at

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